About the Project

The International Delta Blues Project is part of a five- to ten-year vision for the cultural and economic revitalization of the Mississippi Delta region aimed at increasing opportunities for cross-disciplinary academic study of the Blues, as well as to stimulate the region's creative economy. The project features three components: an International Conference on the Blues; a Blues Studies program that includes a minor in Blues Studies and an online summer certificate program known as the International Blues Scholars Program; and a Blues Leadership Incubator focused on economic opportunity related to Blues education and tourism in the Mississippi Delta region. The Project is funded by a generous three-year grant from the Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation.

The International Delta Blues Project is housed in The Delta Center for Culture and Learning at Delta State University. The Project is administered, managed, and implemented by a collaborative team comprised of Delta State University faculty, staff, and community stakeholders.

International Conference on the Blues Programs