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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suggested time frame for taking these courses?
The suggested time frame is May 31, 2017 until Aug 4, 2017.

Does this mean that it is recommended that these courses be taken at the same time?
Yes, but it is not required. You will receive the certificate after you have completed the four courses, but you may take one class or two at a time. However, they must be taken in the summer session in which they are offered.
Summer I (May 31-June 30)
• SOC 592: Sociology of the Blues
• HIS 651: Modern American History: History of the 20th Century South
Summer II (July 5-August 4)
• PSY 592: Psychology of Hip Hop and the Blues
• ENG 553: African-American Literature

Is it recommended that all courses be taken over a single summer?
Yes, but it is not required, and we can only guarantee the online graduate version in the summer.

What will be the online format be for these courses?
We use a program called Canvas, and it will be a traditional online course format. However, you will be able to interact with the faculty.

Are course syllabi available to review before applying for the program?
Syllabi are not published yet, but if you have some specific question, we will be happy to answer as best we can.



-Applications due May 15, 2017-

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